Ceva’s ruminant team supports sustainable production by providing tailor-made solutions.

Ceva Animal Health is dedicated to protecting the welfare of animals and promoting animal welfare through every aspect of our work within our organization and with our customers.


Ceva’s ruminant team has made its mission to contribute actively to the development of sustainable ruminant production by providing tailor-made solutions that care for and protect animals from the day they are born throughout their entire lives. 


At Ceva Animal Health, our ruminant team is dedicated to meeting your needs, so that together we can work on more sustainable production and a brighter future for the next generations.


We offer an expanding range of products for ruminants to Canadian customers addressing some of the most important health issues and impactful production factors. 


Some of our most popular current products are

Anti-infectives:Zeleris®, Florkem®, Tulaven®, Cevaxel®,

Anti-inflammatory: Meloxidyl®

Reproductive health: Prid Delta®, Enzaprost®T

and Custom vaccines through Gallant Laboratories in Ontario.


Our team of knowledgeable professionals in ruminant health is engaged in your community. For more information on our products, animal health science, and Ceva Animal Health, please feel free to contact us at 1-800-510-8864 / (519) 650-9570 or

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