Ceva provides solutions for various poultry diseases.

We aim to ensure the well-being of poultry by offering innovative approaches to disease control and prevention. Ceva's global commitment has led to a wide range of solutions for the prevention of major poultry diseases, including Bronchitis, Gumboro disease, avian influenza, and more.

We believe in the power of prevention and effective disease control. Our commitment is to develop innovative, safe, and effective solutions for the entire poultry production chain.

Poultry Vaccination

Our commitment to poultry health extends to our continuous efforts in developing safe, effective, and innovative vaccines. We strive to meet the needs of poultry producers, veterinarians, and hatchery professionals by providing comprehensive support.


Vaccination is a comprehensive process, combining science, epidemiology, and practical implementation in the field. We offer advanced vaccination solutions, services and staff training programs.

Hatchery Vaccination

Our approach to poultry health starts in the hatchery. We are committed to disease prevention and effective disease control as the foundation of poultry health. Our focus on hatchery vaccination has made us a world leader in hatchery vaccines, vaccination services, and equipment.


Globally, we are always working on improving our vaccination services, focusing on creating tailored vaccination programs, advanced vaccination equipment, and training programs to ensure the proper administration of vaccines. These efforts combine to help us deliver high quality solutions for our customers.

Field Monitoring 

Poultry health monitoring involves advanced disease surveillance programs to support the overall health of poultry.


We support our customers with field monitoring to provide advanced health surveillance and intervention for poultry production. Data plays a crucial, behind-the-scenes role in delivering high-quality poultry health solutions.


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