Ceva Group Ethics and Compliance Program

“As we pursue our objectives, we must at all times continue to conduct ourselves and our business in a manner that is in compliance with the law, and with the principles of integrity, loyalty and respect”. Marc Prikazsky, CEO

Ceva Group has adopted an Ethics and Compliance Program that defines the conduct that we expect of each of our employees as well as those third parties with whom we choose to do business. In this regard, Ceva Group has developed and implemented a combination of procedures and policies aimed at ensuring compliance with national and international laws and regulations as well as ethical standards.

This Ethics and Compliance Program is supported by many resources within Ceva Group to ensure its effectiveness:

Guidelines and policies

Guidelines and policies relating to proper business conduct: Code of Ethics and Business Conduct and related policies

Ceva Group’s Code of Ethics and Business Conduct (the "Code") defines ethics and compliance risk and describes the respective roles and responsibilities of all employees in conducting their business activities in strict compliance with the key principles set forth in the Code.

Code of Ethics and Business Conduct Ceva Group

Ceva Group fully supports government-sponsored measures to combat bribery, corruption, and money laundering and terrorist financing, and has established specific business intake practices to maintain global compliance with all applicable laws related to such topics.
In this regard, Ceva Group’s Anti-Bribery and Corruption Policy, Prevention of Money Laundering and Terrorist Financing Policy and International Sanctions Policy, individually and collectively, provide requirements and procedures governing business conduct for transactions that may pose a risk of bribery, corruption, money laundering or terrorist financing, so that Ceva Group personnel may comply with applicable laws, regulations, industry codes, and Ceva Group's Code.

Ceva Group also expects its suppliers, contractors and other business partners to share Ceva Group's commitments to operating with integrity and in a lawful and ethical manner, consistent with the principles set forth in this Code. 

To help business partners understand Ceva Group’s commitment to integrity and the standards of business conduct, Ceva Group has prepared this Ceva Group Business Ethics & Principles For Business Partners that summarizes the values set out in Ceva Group’s Code:

Ceva Group Business Ethics & Principles For Business Partners

Ethics and compliance training and advice

Ceva Group provides a variety of training to help employees perform their jobs in conformance with the Ethics and Compliance Program, such as online training and face-to-face training. Some functions within Ceva Group are also required to have specialized training. Also, employees have access to an intranet website containing all material concerning the Ethics and Compliance Program (Code and related policies, FAQ).

The Ethics and Compliance Department also provides support to all departments of Ceva Group. Each employee is encouraged to contact the Ethics and Compliance Department for assistance to obtain information and advice on ethics and compliance matters.

Ethics and Compliance Department
Email:  ethicsandcompliance@ceva.com

  • Valérie Mazeaud Ceva Group Chief Ethics and Compliance Officer 
    Phone number: +33 144532479 

  • Josephine Farcot Ceva Group Ethics and Compliance Executive Junior Counsel 
    Phone number: +33 1 44532481

  • Tony Strait Ethics and Compliance Manager for NAPAC 
    Phone number: +1 9139454412

  • Daniel Lisboa Ethics and Compliance Manager for LATAM
    Phone number: +55 19 99894-6322

  • Yannick Dossa Ethics and Compliance Manager for EU – EEMEA - Asia
    Phone number: + 33 144532480

Opportunities to raise ethics and compliance issues

Ceva Group employees have several internal avenues available to report actual or suspected misconduct, which satisfy their obligation under the Code to report potential ethics and compliance violations to Ceva Group.

They can either report their concerns through normal business channels such as their immediate supervisors and/or by escalating to the Ethics and Compliance Department.

Or, as a supplementary process, an employee may raise concerns through the Alert System if, for any reason, that employee is uncomfortable with using normal business channels or with the answers he has received from them.

Employees who report irregularities are afforded confidentiality and protection against any retaliation or reprisals, whether actual or threatened, as a result of speaking-up.

Business partners, suppliers, shareholders, agents, distributors, representatives and/or customers of Ceva Group may directly contact the Ethics and Compliance Department at  reportingcompliance@ceva.com or use the Alert System to raise a concern. 

Audits to monitor conformance to the law and Ceva Group guidelines and policies

Ceva Group monitors and audits its business activities to confirm adherence to the law and Ceva Group guidelines and policies. When potential ethics and compliance violations are brought to our attention, we will take appropriate action and where appropriate investigate all such reports, to determine that our business is conducted in compliance with all applicable laws as well as ethical standards.

Disciplinary and/or other legal consequences

Any person found to be involved in any wrongdoing as regard to the Ethics and Compliance Program may be subject to disciplinary procedures (in the case of employees) or contract termination (in the case of business partners, suppliers, agents, distributors, representatives and/or customers).  

Group Corporate Social Responsability

Ethical Animal Welfare Charter

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