Resolution idea for 2017: protect your dog against fleas and ticks

Have you already thought about your new year’s resolutions? Or are you about to do so? Consider including « Protect my dog from ticks and fleas » on your list. By declaring war on these external parasites, you will not only protect his/her health but...

Protect your pet all year round

Contrary to popular belief, your pet needs to be protected from January to December, not just during the summer months. External parasites such as fleas and ticks are active all year round! They can even pester an indoor dog.

It is therefore essential to protect your pet on a regular basis. In order to be effective, fleas and ticks control products also require a strict compliance. It means that you will have to stick to the directions for use (particularly regarding how often and how long you should administer the treatment). You understand now why it is important to choose the solution that best suits you and your pet.


Some spot-ons are prized by dog owners

If your dog is uncooperative, if you lack time or if you tend to be forgetful, you’d rather go for an easy to use pest control product. In this regard, spot-on products are a must. A majority of European owners prefer them to collars, tablets, sprays or shampoos, according to the 2016 Bio’Sat survey.

Moreover, for 90% of the European respondents, the applicator’s user-friendliness matters. And more than 1 out of 2 people think that some parasiticide pipettes can hurt the dog when they are applied on the skin. Solutions exist in your vet clinic, you can ask for pipettes ensuring soft and easy application on the skin*.

It is also to note that only some advanced spot-ons can offer repellent properties against parasites to your dog. This is especially important if you care to prevent your dog from being bitten by parasites such as fleas, ticks and flying insects. Because, you may not know but when they bite your dog, these parasites can transmit dangerous pathogens. Some

advanced pipettes act directly on the pet's coat, without any need to infiltrate their bloodflow. That makes all the difference!

If you are in doubt, keep in mind that your vet can answer your questions and suggest the product that best caters to your - and your dog’s - need.


Make it simple

Determined to succeed in protecting your dog and complying with his/her pest control treatment? Here are a couple of easy tips: first, choose who is in charge of this mission in the family and make it visible (Chore list, fridge note, etc.). This way, you will prevent dosing mistakes. Then, in case of a monthly treatment, establish an easy to remember routine (you can administer the product to your dog on the first of every month, for instance). You can also try the Ceva Pet Care free app. It will be of a great help: you just have to download it and it will send you treatment reminders.


Ask your vet for the advanced pipette protection!


*2032 European dog owners took part in this survey conducted in August 2016.

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